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Products & Services

BKR Farms' mission is to provide safe, quality, and sustainable products to the marketplace. No matter if that marketplace is a mill, commercial potato operation, potato processor, oilseed processor, or your kitchen table, we take the same care to ensure the buyer can be confident they are getting the best product. Click through below to learn more of each operation.
Home Storage Wheat

We have been growing wheat for a long time; in fact, since Christensen Farms was started from sagebrush. Now, starting in 2020, we are excited to offer our wheat products directly to your family. Click here to learn how you can bring our wheat to you!

Other Crops

We are more than just a wheat and potato operation. After farming for 130 years, crops have been added, removed, and practices expanded. Click here to learn of our adventures in feed barley, flax, mustard, oats, and more.

Seed Potatoes

Since 1975, seed potatoes have been a staple of BKR Farms. Not sure what seed potatoes are? Click here to learn more of what makes seed potatoes the same, and different, from those potatoes you see in stores and restaurants. 

Sustainable Farming

By now, you have heard us tell you many times how we have been around for over 130 years. Well, we want to be around for another 130 years. To ensure our safe, quality food in the future, we have implemented sustainable farming practices. Click here to learn more.

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