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Seed Potatoes

Seed Potatoes are the major pillar of our farming operation. Since 1976, we have grown high quality seed potatoes. Today we grow varieties that will become potato chips, French fries, baked potatoes, fresh French fries, dehydrated potatoes, and pretty much any form of potato you can think of. Read below to learn more of what seed potatoes are all about.
What are seed potatoes?

Seed potatoes are just potatoes that are grown for other farmers to plant. The seed program was established in order to control diseases and keep a clean stable potato pipeline. Our potatoes are grown, sold to a commercial farmer who in turn grows the potatoes, and they sell them to you in all in the different forms of potatoes.

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We grow several varieties. Here are some types and their uses:


Russet Varieties - Used for fresh, French fries, dehydrated

Chip Varieties - Used for potato chips

Yellow Varieties - Used for restaurant style fresh French fries

Fingerlings - Used for fresh preparation

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